CA Firefighters Battle House Fire

On July 22, 2003 Units from the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department responded to a reported structure fire at 1451 Marigold Rd in the city of Livermore CA .

First arriving unit 1276 found heavy fire from the garage area and prepeared for initial fire attack operations.

Second arriving unit was 1247 and was assinged back up line for 1276 .

Third arriving unit 1841 on auto aid from Larwence Livermore National Lab Fire Department was assigned vertical ventilation.

Fourth arriving was 1248 and was assigned exposure on b side and direct attack on garage from exterior.

Chief 1213 was also on scene and was IC .

1213 requested a second alarm assignment shortly after arrival due to heavy fire conditions and tempatures of 105 that day.

1276 and 1247 were interior and found heavy fire also in attic after pulling the ceiling around garage area.

1841 on the roof was not able to perform vent operations due to roof stability.

1276 and 1247 performed aggressive interior fire attack for about ten minutes and were pullled out by 1213 due to roof collapse.

Fire was brought under control about thirty minutes into the incident.

There where no injurys and all occupants of the home made it out safely.

The home owner stated he tried to put fire out with a garden hose but was quickley over come by the smoke and flames,there was a delay in the call being placed to 911 due to this fact.