PA Bravest Battle Truck Fire

Around 6:40 PM on thursday July 31st the Bellefonte and Pleasant Gap fire companies were called out for a truck fire on route 220 east of Pleasant Gap.

Bellefonte Department Chief Tim Knisely was first on scene reporting a working truck fire.

Bellefonte Fire Departments Logan responded with engine rescue 114, Undines responded with engine 212 and tanker 219.

Pleasant Gap responded with engine rescure 814, engine 810 and tanker 819.

Engine 810 was first on the scene with heavy flames and smoke rolling from the truck.

They attacked the fire with 2 1/2" lines and had the fire extinguished in 10 minutes.

The Bellefonte Fire Department was released but Pleasant Gap stayed on the scene for about one hour.

Traffic was backed up for about one mile until the fire was fully extinguished. There were no injuries.