North Carolina Units Find MVA with Entrapment in Cornelius

On August 23, 2005 at 09:23 Cornelius and North Mecklenburg Rescue were sent to I-77 Northbound at Exit 25 for a tractor trailer overturned with two other cars involved and down an embankment.

North Meck 10 (Stroup) arrived on scene and advised Central dispatch to start pin in protocol. Cornelius Engine 4, Chief 1 (Cobb) and North Meck Rescue 7 all arrived on scene within minutes of each other.

Engine 4 arrived at the pick up truck and began extrication on the entrapped driver. Chief 1 and North Meck 7 proceeded to the overturned tractor trailer. Upon arrival at the tractor trailer units found one patient with serious injuries but not entrapped. Brush 6 arrived and assisted with the tractor trailer driver.

Cornelius Rescue 13 arrived to assist with patient care at the pickup truck.

Gilead Engine 1 was returning from an automatic alarm in Station 2's first due and was added to the call to set up the landing zone for Med Center Air.

Cornelius Engine 2 cleared the fire alarm and responded to assist with patient care and searched the woods for a possible third car. No other vehicles or patients were found.

The entrapped patient from the pick up truck was air lifted by Med Center Air. The driver of the tractor trailer was transported by Medic.

Cornelius units stayed on scene for an hour. Additional pictures can be found at and .

Responding Units:

  • Cornelius: E4, R13, E2, B6, CH1 (Cobb)
  • North Meck Rescue: R7
  • Gilead: E1, B7
  • Medic: 2 ALS Units, 2 Supervisors