High Angle Rescue Performed in Black Eagle, Montana

On August 20, 2005 the Black Eagle Volunteer Fire Department was paged to an ultra light aircraft that was trapped in high tension power lines.

Black Eagle 302 provided immediate response and was the first unit on scene. Initial size up revealed an ultra light aircraft suspended approximately 80 feet above the ground. An immediate call was made for more personnel and a high angle rescue team.

Power could not be immediately terminated due to the power line not belonging to the local utility.

The Montana Highway Patrol had to escort a local technician to a town over 70 miles away to eliminate power to lines surrounding the man.

Due to the height of the trapped aircraft a local crane was called to the scene. Only then were Black Eagle Firefighters able to directly communicate with the man.

After nearly three hours crew were given permission to attempt rescue. A firefighter from Malmstrom Air Force Base was placed into the crane