Residential Fire in Brunswick County, Virginia

The Dolphin Volunteer Fire Department responded to a residential fire with a possible victim asleep inside the structure.

The call was dispatched for Dolphin and Lawrenceville Fire Departments at 7:15 am., in the rural Dolphin Community of Brunswick County, Virginia.

The first arriving unit (Engine 4) from Dolphin, could see heavy smoke two miles away, so Assistant Chief Bill Parrish, called for an additional tanker from nearby Alberta Fire Department to be dispatched. Upon arrival Captain Wayne Bowen marked in command with heavy fire showing from the A/D corner of the structure. It was reported that if the individual was inside, he would be asleep in the kitchen on a couch at the C/D corner of the structure.

The first crew of attack was Assistant Chief Bill Parrish and Firefighter Jonathan Harrison. There was heavy fire and smoke in the ceiling and attic, entry was made at the C/D corner through a kitchen door. Upon primary search of the kitchen with no victims found, a search of the remainder of the structure was completed with the help of a MSA Thermal Imaging Camera. Due to the heavy smoke conditions and with visibility being zero the camera worked very well to complete a primary search of the structure.

As other units arrived Tanker 4 and Tanker 7, Captain Bowen established a Rapid Intervention Team (RIT), a safety officer, a water supply officer, and a rehabilitation officer. A second attack was sent in to conduct a secondary search of the structure with no one being found. After about 10 minutes the roof of the structure began to sag and personnel were pulled out and then later on entered through a window in the A/B corner to extinguish hot spots in the rear of the structure.

The area of origin was between two electrical receptacles, located in the front living room of the structure and the fire is currently still under investigation.

Personnel responding 14 from Dolphin, Alberta and Lawrenceville Fire Departments. 2 members from Brunswick Rescue Squad


Engine 4, Engine 42, Tanker 4, Tanker 1, Tanker 7, Air utility 1