Buffalo Firefighters Battle Arson Fire

The call came in at 12:14 am. It was the 7th fire for Buffalo Firefighters in less than 12 hours. 2 alarm fire ripped throughout a 2 story plank construction lumber warehouse.

The first arriving company was Engine 28. Other companies responding were Engines 3,31,32,33 Ladders 11, 14, 15, 4, 5, 6 and Rescue 1. Also responding and present were Chiefs B-41, B-53, BC-44, BC-43, Commissioner 1, DC56, F-20, F-7 and F-11.

Over 60 Firefighters already well worn fought the blaze for over 2 hours with the last engine back in service at 3:25 am.

This is one of 190 arson fires since the beginning of 2003. The damages of this fire alone totaled more than $300,000.