Structure Used for Training in St. Amant, Louisiana

When recently contacted by a home owner about the possibility of having a structure to use for training, the St. Amant Volunteer Fire Department gladly accepted.

The structure was used for 12 hours as 45 Volunteer Fire Fighters from St. Amant, Galvez-Lake and 7th. Dist. Volunteer Fire Departments trained this past Saturday, stated Chief James E. LeBlanc.

The Volunteer Departments conducted all types of training evolutions from stretching hose lines, firefighter self-rescue techniques, victim search & rescue techniques, breathing apparatus training, forcible entry training and various types of roof ventilation. After all the training was complete, it was time for the structure to come down to make way for a new one to be built starting this month.

The burns that were conducted provided some spectacular views for many curious area citizens, who even took time out of their busy schedules to provide food for the Volunteer Fire Fighters.

Also local business St. Amant Muffler purchased several sandwich trays for the fire fighters.