Firefighters Stationed in Mosul Respond to Working Bunker Fire

Mosul, Iraq July, 2 2005

Engine One from Camp Merez was alerted and responded with a crew of two. While en route, Acting Fire Capt. James Abraham advised heavy smoke showing and alerted KBR water department to have on hand several water tenders.

The fire actually was out of the main base area and in enemy territory. Engine One arrived minutes later and was followed by Chief Rex with two additional firefighters. Chief Rex met with Army E.O.D. Sergeant (name withheld) and made a 360 and found several bunkers on fire and many brush fires raging out of control in the tall dry grass, impinging on bunkers with unknown chemicals in and around the sites.

The fire area was determined a severe hazard and advised Engine One to stay on the hard surface due to several UXO's in the area. Engine One, which was operated by Fire Training Officer/Operator Shane Shifflet, used the deck gun to control the brush fires. It was later deemed to let the fires burn due to the unsafe area and due to the main part of the base coming under RPG and mortar attack.

Engine One stayed on scene for several hours monitoring hot spots. No injuries were reported and the U.S. Army Fire Dept. stayed in qtrs. to protect the main side Camp Diamondback.