MVC with Multiple Ejections, Entrapment in Montgomery County, Maryland

Units arrived to find a high-speed t-bone/rollover (full-size SUV vs. full-size panel van) with debris strewn over all three northbound lanes of Georgia Avenue, including the van's engine (on the median) and transmission (in the southbound lanes).

While units from the north focused on three adults ejected from the rolled SUV (two unresponsive), units from the south focused on three adults in the van (two trapped, one unresponsive).

Third and fourth due medic units from Rockville were utilized, as were two MSP helicopters from Norwood and Frederick, a truck company (manpower), and two additional engines (one to secure the LZ and one with foam capabilities to assist on the fuel spill).

In all, six Priority-1 or Priority-2 patients were transported to four local trauma centers (three by land; three by air).