East Greenwich, New Jersey Tanker Flips

East Greenwich, NJ -- Shortly after noon, on July 19th, units were notified of a commercial Motor Vehicle Crash at Union and Cedar.

First arriving units found a tanker lying on its side in a field, leaking gas.

The tanker hit a utility pole and lost control flipping in to the field.

Multiple Engine Task Forces, Tanker Task Forces were dispatched to the scene.

Units from Camden County and Atlantic County were called for covers.

Crews worked in the blazing heat to control to spill, cover the tanker in foam, dike off streams, and drain the tank.

An ALS rehab was set up as well as a Transit bus, to cool down the Emergency personnel.

The spill was estimated between 1000 and 2000 gallons.

Police Chief William Giordano said the driver of the tanker leaned over to grab something in his cab, which made him loose control.

The driver suffered minor injuries and was transported to Washington Township Hospital.

Crews remained on scene for more then 12 hours.