Alvarado, Texas Semi Fire Shuts Down I-35

At 4:35 am, on Monday, July 25, 2005, a Semi Truck hauling cement traveling North bound on I-35 between Maple Street and US Highway 67 hit the metal guard rail three times, then hit the end of the concrete rail on the bridge crossing over the rail road tracks. Then it scrapped over 150 feet along the concrete bridge rail, catching the tractor on fire and the rear trailer tires.

Alvarado Fire Department approached from the rear and could not tell what type of tanker was on fire. Not knowing if it contained flammable material they first used their deck gun to cool the tank while calling for mutual aid from the Keene Volunteer Fire Department.

By the time the Alvarado FD found out the tanker was not a fuel tanker but was hauling concrete powder they had gone through their 500 gallons of water.

Keene Volunteer Fire Department arrived from the opposite end and extinguished the semi-tractor fire.

Grandview Volunteer Fire Department arrived to supply more water to the Alvarado Engine for additional water supply for mop up.

North bound I-35 was closed for several hours.