Philadelphia Firefighters Battle Four Alarm Warehouse Blaze

At approximately 0230 Saturday, Philadelphia firefighters were dispatched for a reported building fire on a street known as 'Fire Alley," American St, where some of the largest fires ever to hit Philadelphia, occurred.

Fire could be seen from miles away, with reports of people noticing it from as far away as Camden, New Jersey.

The first in company, Engine 2, only a short distance away, arrived quickly. Their first report, was, "We have a 5-story large building, full involved. All companies, heavy water lines."

A short time later the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th alarms followed.

The building was a five-story brick warehouse which appeared under construction or demolition, approximately 150x200 feet.

The building was fully involved, with fire shooting several hundred feet in the air and across the street. All companies were in service on a exterior attack, with water pipes and master stream devices.

Heat from the fire could be felt several blocks away. There was a major collapse of part of the front of the building on the American Street side of all five floors.

Embers from the massive fire floated up into the sky like a volcano eruption.

About 45 minutes into the blaze, a deluge gun broke lose from it's mount. A quick thinking firefighter jumped on it as it hit the street, and shut it down immediately.

Two firefighters went down, and were initially thought be have been seriously injured. But luckily, they were knocked down by water pressure and just shaken up.