Prince George's County Firefighters Extricate One From Tractor Trailer

Communications received reports from Marland State Police reporting two tractor-trailer trucks involved in an accident with one trapped.

Engine 371 arrived on the scene with 1 trapped.

One of the tractor-trailers was parked in the slow shoulder medium. The second truck not seeing it until it was too late plowed into the rear of the truck parked. The force of the impact took the trailer right off of the rear tandem axel leaving the tandem axel wear it was parked.

Squad 27 arrived under the direction of Lt. J. Lyon and started the extrication. During the initial stages of the extrication, the second truck that had a flammable placard was found to be empty.

Squad 27 used the Hurst Spreaders first going through the window on the driver door. This had to be done while other personnel held two squad members while they used the spreaders at an awkward angle.

While a little giant ladder was retrieved from the squad, Lt. J. Lyon climbed up on the engine of the truck reached through the windshield and talked with the victim.

Once the ladder was retrieved, Capt S. Girven was on the ladder and Lt. J. Lyon leaning through the windshield worked to guide the Hurst Spreaders into place.

At the same time Lt. K. Reeves started using the saw on the hinges of the driver door. After using the Hurst Spreaders on the outside of the vehicle, the Hurst Cutters were put through the windshield and used to cut away metal of the cab.

The Hurst Spreaders was then handed up to the squad member on the engine and slid through the windshield and used to work on the door. The crew was able to spread the door away from the victim and pop it.

Victim was extricated in just over 15 minutes from arriving on the scene. Co 37 (Ritchie) assisted in getting other equipment as directed.