House Fire in Conway, South Carolina

July 14, 2005 - R2 was called to a working fire in the 28 box.

E28 was the first to arrive, reporting fire showing from an attached garage and smoke from the main house. E28 positioned well to facilitate the water supply, and E24s crew arrived and held the fire in check until manpower could arrive to knock the fire down.

D28 called for a second alarm before units even were inside.

Ta28, and T9 were on the water supply and a fill point was quickly established.

R2 arrived while two 1 3/4" lines were inside working. R2 was assigned the roof, and their crew, led by Battalion22, went up and made four roof cuts, including a semi-trench.

Once the smoke was lifted, the interior crews could get to the fire in the attack easier and put out the fire. R2 and other units performed salvage work to preserve the families belongings.

Units operated for several hours to knock down the hot spots.

The fire started in the garage after a lightning strike.

The family was in the house when the fire began, and became disoriented in the smoke. They self-rescued and suffered no injuries.

E28, E24, E21, E16, E6, Ta28, Ta9, M24, M29, Battalion22, B2, R2 operated on the scene. Numerous units were moved around to cover calls.

E28 and E24 did exactly what they needed to do in the first five minutes to bring this call to a successful conclusion, good job guys.