Quebec City Bravest Knock Down Warehouse Fire

Canadians firefighters from the Quebec City Fire Department had to fight their second major fire in less than 3 weeks.

Initially dispatched as an automatic fire alarm, the fire dispatcher upgraded the call to a first alarm because of phone calls being received for this incident. Upon arrival of the first-due engine, the officer transmitted a second alarm due to heavy fire showing through the roof.

The rapid spread of the fire required the 3rd, 4th and "Appel 99" to be struck within 35 minutes from the initial call. The "Appel 99" or "Call 99" is a special call. It is transmitted when a large fire occurs and the commanding officer needs to back-up the teams fighting the fire and to put some reserve truck in duty to protect the city from another incident. When a "Call 99" is transmitted, the entire platoon working the next shift is ordered back in service.

Teams have been able to stop the progression of the fire to exposure 4, which is the office part of the building.

The fire was put under control in less than 4 hours. Due to his size, the fire was visible from a couple kilometers away. It is the second