Mutual Aid Training in Elizabeth, New Jersey

The Fire Department in the City of Elizabeth New Jersey orchestrated a three phase relay pump evolution involving five Engines from Union County, one fire boat, the "Firefighter" belonging to the FDNY and the city of New York, a lot of 4, 5 and 12 inch LDH and one "Iron Man", a Large Foam/Water Delivery System capable of delivering 8000 gpm of foam or water with a nozzle pressure of 115 psi.

The Large Foam/Water Delivery System was purchased by The State of New Jersey's Division of Fire Safety who in turn placed the unit into the hands of the Union County Fire Mutual Aid System with possible deployment to any where in the Tri State area.

The first evolution was to deliver 2000 gallons of water to a master stream device 2600 feet away utilizing five Engines and one LDH feeder.

The "Firefighter" served as the water source drafting from the Arthur Kill. The Kill lies between Staten Island and New Jersey and empties into New York Harbor.

The second evolution was to see if the fire boat could deliver 8000 gpm pumping into five - 5" large diameter hose lines to a manifold connected to a 12