Vista, California Firefighters Respond to Traffic Collision

On May 12, 2003 at 1700 hours, the Vista Fire Department was dispatched to a reported injury traffic collision in the area of the 500 block of South Santa Fe Avenue in the City of Vista.

Vista is a southern California located in North San Diego County. The Vista city and district area is made up of 38 combined square miles of canyons, rural, city and industrial parks crossed by freeway 78 . The combined city and district population is 192,000 people. The City of Vista Fire Department is made up of 81 career firefighters and staff with 4 stations. Vista Fire provides EMS, Fire and Heavy Rescue service along with fire investigation and fire prevention services to both the City and District areas.

The response dispatched Battalion 1203 along with Engine 1211 and Rescue Ambulance 1291. First on scene E 1211 reported a passenger vehicle into a motor scooter with a single trauma injury. Further investigation found that the SUV had had been rear ended by the pickup truck pushing the SUV forward into the motor scooter.

Engine 1211 reported that the 39 old male operator of the motor scooter was down on the street with possible head and neck trauma and ordered an air ship to the scene for medical transportation to a trauma center. Dispatched confirmed Mercy Air 5 out of Palomar Airport was in route with an ETA of 8 Minutes.

Fire Paramedics stabilized the victim and packaged him for transport to the landing zone. Battalion 1203 secured a landing zone in the nearby parking lot of the Vista City Hall.

Mercy air 5 was on site and the victim was loaded aboard for transport to Palomar Trauma Center. The victim was later reported in good condition with no life threatening injuries.

Pictured is Mercy Air 5, a new airship just put in service. This is a MD 902 jet powered helicopter with the noticeable difference of no tail rotor.

Also pictured is Vista Fire Engine 1211, A new KME Excel Custom 1500 GPM engine with a 6 inch raised cab. additionally pictured is Vista Rescue Ambulance 1291, A new Braun Northwest Medium Duty Ambulance on an International Chassis.

Vista Fire Department recently added 2 new KME engines and 2 new Braun Ambulances to their fleet.