Dallas Biblical Arts Center Fire

Late this morning, a fire was reported at the Biblical Arts Center while a small group of visitors toured the building.

First arriving crews reported seeing heavy smoke coming from the gray concrete building and a progression of alarms began to take place.

A 6-alarm was transmitted 90 minutes into the fire, bringing in firefighters from as far away as East Dallas to fight the hot fire occurring in the north central area of Dallas.

At the peak of the fire, approximately 130 firefighters battled the fire as outside temperatures neared 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

As the fire subsided, many firefighters began to carry out various pieces of sculptures and paintings in an attempt to spare them from further damage. At this hour, many more pieces of art are being carried out by fire crews assigned to salvage and overhaul operations. Several of these pieces of artwork are considered to be priceless. For this reason, an exact loss amount of the contents of the building could not be tabulated.

Fire Investigators will continue to interview witnesses and employees who were inside the building at the time of the fire.

They are calling this fire suspicious and are interviewing a "person of interest" that has recently emerged. However, Fire Investigators have not officially ruled on the cause of this fire.