Chicago Bravest Battle Commercial Structure Fires

On Tuesday, April 22 at approx 2230 hours third battalion units responded, about a block and a half east of quarters, to a fire at Chicago & Elizabeth streets. The 3rd battalion chief reported heavy smoke and some fire from 2 comercial buildings. One of those buildings appeared vacant.

As units began the standard offensive attack laying lines and attempting roof access. Conditions deteriorated rapidly, the smoke condition increased dramatically, and heavy fire vented from the front of the buildings.

There were severe exposure problems were present in 2 of 4 sectors. Quick work by outside master streams knocked down the venting fire but a very tough job ensued. Squad 1 and tower10 vented the roof under very smokey conditions. Members had a tough job to attack hidden fire in the cockloft and concealed spaces in the fire buildings.

The fire was held to a still & box alarm (4 engines 2 trucks 1 tower ladder 1 squad 3 battalion chiefs 1 ambulance, fire investigation unit and command van). In addition a RIT of 1 truck and BC stood by.