Sawdust Fire Burns at Bruce Hardwood Plant in Beverly, West Virginia

On Friday June 3, 2005 at 16:07 hours Beverly Volunteer Fire Department Company 42 got toned out for a Sawdust fire at the Bruce Hardwood Plant.

Units were advised that heavy smoke was coming from a peerless bin and a shaft connecting Silo #3. The Peerless Bin is used to put the sawdust into the tractor trailers.

Upon Engine 424's arrival, unit 4203 requested mutual aid from Elkins Fire Department (Company 40) Tower 401, and Tygarts Valley Volunteer Fire Department (Company 41) Engine 411, Engine 413, and Engine 415.

Engine 424 stretched a 5 inch supply line and set up operations in the rear of the building. Rescue/Engine 425 tapped a hydrant in the front, stretched a supply line and set up operations in the front of the structure.

Crews from Rescue/Engine 425 went to the top of Silo #3 to stop the fire from spreading though the shaft and into the Silo. Tower 401 set up the tower to put fire out on top of peerless bin and sprayed water on part of the silo.

Crews from Engine 424 and Support 423 set up an attack line on the ground and waited for the peerless to be opened up to let the sawdust out. Engine 424, Rescue/ Engine 425, and Engine 411 all set up the deluge guns to hit the fire and back the ground crews. The peerless bin was opened and crews attacked the fire.

Units mopped up and then cleared the scene at 19:50 hours. One Company 42 member was taken to the hospital due to spraining his knee after jolting his knee on a ladder and a hose.