Mass. Firefighters Hit Flames in Triple-Decker


Around 6:45 a.m. on Nov. 24, Worcester firefighters were dispatched for reported smoke and fire in the building at 56 Dorchester St

As units were en route, an update was given that multiple calls had been received by dispatchers reporting both smoke and fire and the possibility of people still in the home.

Indeed, smoke was showing from a typical New England-style triple-decker on the corner of Dorchester and Arlington Streets.

First-in companies advanced into the building to check for the source of the smoke. They made their way into a basement apartment where they encountered high heat and smoke with active fire burning at the rear of the unit.

As companies were hitting the fire with water, they reported they had several large pops coming from the electrical panel.

As with most all building fires, National Grid had been requested to the scene to cut power to the entire building.

As crews checked the upper floors for occupants, they reported high amounts of heat and an increasing amount of smoke.

With conditions deteriorating and the fear the fire was spreading rapidly through the pipe chase, command requested a second alarm be brought to the scene.

The smoke from the outside went from a light grey to an almost thick black color, and flames were temporarily visible in one of the first floor bedrooms.

The additional manpower along with the units already on scene had the fire brought under control rather quickly.

The roof had been opened and windows popped out to allow the heat and smoke to escape.

With this home sitting atop a large hillside and with 20-30 MPH winds gusting, the fire really had potential to become something more than what it was.

Firefighters cleared the scene around 8 a.m. with a fire watch company along with investigations remaining on scene for a bit longer.

The American Red Cross was brought in to assist with the displaced residents of this four-family home.