Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Truck Flipsover in Manorville, New York

A Haagen Dazs Ice Cream truck driver heading eastbound on the Long Island Expressway in Manorville, NY, lost control of the truck as it overturned on the expressway.

Fortunately, the driver only suffered minor injuries. As for the ice cream, most of it melted as the beaming sun and warm temperatures couldn't saver the desert. The truck was also a total loss, as it became crushed as it overturned.

The accident on May. 27, caused major traffic jams after the 12 p.m. incident. It slowed down many commuters who tried to get an early jump on the Hamptons as the Memorial Day weekend arrived.

The Manorville Fire Department worked at the scene, along with Suffolk County Police Highway units. Both agencies worked together to safeguard the area, as two truck crews moved in to remove the truck from the scene. The fire department used speedy dry at the scene to prevent a possible fire.

After nearly three hours, the roadway was reopened.