Entrapment in Horry County, South Carolina

Engine 16 was alerted to a two car accident. Horry County engine 16 arrived to find two trapped in two separate vehicles.

Division 3, Medic 3, Medic 24, Medic 39 and Engine 24 were all added to the call. Division 3 arrived and took Command 16.

Command 16 reported one fatality, one Priority 2 patient trapped and three priority 3 patients out of the vehicle.

M39 arrived and was assigned to assist E16 with extrication. M3 arrived and began patient care on the pt pinned.

M24 and R2 volunteers transported the priority 3 patients.

The patient was extricated by folding down the B post.

The driver's seat was pushed back using a ram. The patient was then removed and placed on to a back board.

The entire incident was mitigated in 30 minutes.

After investigation by SC Highway Patrol, the coroner had E16 and E24 extricate the DOA.