Virginia Beach Firefighter Battle Two Alarm Condominium Fire

Virginia Beach (VA) Beach firefighters responded to a reported structure fire Friday night (4/4/03) to the 700 block of Harbor Springs Trial. As Engine 18 rolled up, heavy smoke and fire were pushing from the side C and D corner. Engine 18 Captain, Jerry Chiusano, struck the second alarm and led off with a two and half hand line. Two similar type buildings were quickly becoming exposures as additional apparatus arrived.

Ladder 16 took up a position in front of Engine 18 and Ladder 9 was positioned on side D. Interior teams worked aggressively to attack the fire but were backed out so the aerial streams could knock down the heavy fire. Once the fire was darkened, interior crews re-entered the building and continued with searches and fire extinguishment. Fire was under control within 40 minutes. A rapid intervention team was staged by the command post thorough out the fire.

The command staff was District Chief Steve Cover and Battalion Chief David Wade. Rex Gurley from the city water department helped out at the command post with passport control. When the second alarm units arrived they were put to work and the Kempsville Rescue Squad rehab truck operated by Joe Budy was set up. Firefighters were cycled thru the rehab area and were given blood pressure checks, food, and water. Battalion Chief Billy Smith was the Public Information Officer.

No injuries were reported and the fire investigators were requested to respond to begin their investigation. Mutual Aid engine companies from the city of Norfolk filled in empty stations in Virginia Beach.