Camden NJ Firefighters Fight Smoke and Fire During Month of March

Along of being one of the coldest months of the year, Camden Fire Fighters were faced with a big challenge of sub freezing temperatures, snow and ice and battling working fires. The month ended with a 2 Alarm Fire on March 31st. Just after 2:30 pm Engine 9 and Ladder 3 and Batt Chf 2 ( Derryl Lewison) were dispatched to 3310 Federal St. in the East Camden Section of the city for a car fire.

As they were arriving they found a Fully Involved Car and a large 2 1/2 story, wood frame, dwelling heavily involved with fire. The fire was spreading to another 3 story frame dwelling. Chief Lewison asked the Box to be filled out and he was using All Hands.

A second line was stretched in to make a interior attack, but the fire was now into the second floor and a second Alarm was called for.

Battalion 1 (Mike Harper) arrived along with Car 3 (Deputy Chief Greg Murphy) and Car 2 (Deputy Chief Tom Quinn).

5 water lines were now working as the truck companies were on the roof opening up.

Chief Quinn made a special call for an additional Engine and Ladder Company and a Air Cascade system from Pennsauken Fire Department Station 11-4.

Firefighters worked through heavy smoke opening up walls, pulling ceilings to stop the fire from spreading. The fire was placed under control at 3:15 pm.

Police Arson Detective Joe Hoffman and Detective Randy Smith were able to arrest 2 juveniles who set the car on fire.

During the month March Firefighters worked 9 All Hands Fires and 6 Two Alarm Fires.

Working Fires for Camden NJ Fire Department for March 2003

  • March 3rd - All Hands 11:48 AM 2808 Stevens St Dwellings
  • March 4th - All Hands 2:28 Pm 206 Moose St Dwellings
  • March 8th - 2nd Alarm 7:35 Pm 127 South 27th Dwellings
  • March 10th - All Hands 7:40 Am 1114 South Merimac Rd Dwellings
  • March 10th - All Hands 8:05 Am 2625 Cramer St Dwellings
  • March 11th - All Hands 5:37 Am 31 South Dudley St Dwellings
  • March 12th - All Hands 11:29 Am 1994 Carman St Dwellings
  • March 13th - All Hands 2:06 Am 433 North 7th ST High Rise Apts
  • March 13th - All Hands 5:47 Am 2814 Howell St Dwellings
  • March 16th - All Hands 12:40 Am 700 Sycamore St Dwellings
  • March 17th - 2nd Alarm 11:34 Pm 433 North 7th St High Rise Apts
  • March 21st - 2nd Alarm 8:25 Am 1901 South 4th St Bar and Apts
  • March 23rd - 2nd Alarm 1:40 Pm 2204 Sewell St Dwellings
  • March 29th - 2nd Alarm 3:18 Am Pleasant St Stockton Station Apts
  • March 31st 2 Alarm & Spec Calls 3310-14 Federal St Dwellings