Southside PG County Bravest Encounter Fire on the 10th Floor

As units were checking up responding on box 17-04, Communication advised units they were receiving multiple calls for 3901 Suitland Rd. reporting fire on the 10th floor.

The first arriving Engine from 17 reported nothing showing from the street. Within minutes Engine 171 reported smoke on the 10th floor and a room off.

Engine 171 advanced a standpipe line down the hallway entered the apartment and discovered a working kitchen fire. 17 made quick work of the fire and started ventilating the apartment.

Squad 27 arrived entered the center stairs on the ground floor and started up. Arriving on the 10th floor, crews left their spare cylinder in the center stairs and started the search of the fire floor. Entering the fire floor Squad 27 deployed a search line down the hallway to the fire apartment.

The search line was placed every ten foot to hook in a short piece of rope as a tag line to conduct a search. The search line was also in placed to assist firefighters and citizens out of a hallway that was filled with smoke. This was a direct way to the stairway.

Crew from 27 split into two teams and conducted a primary and secondary in the apartments that were located in the fire apartment wing. Several doors had to be forced to gain access.

Truck 5, already operating on the 10th floor conducted a search of the fire apartment after forcing the door next to the fire apartment, then opened up. Truck 5's driver put the stick to the tenth floor directly across from the apartment on fire. This allowed for a quick exit if needed. Truck 26 conducted the primary on the floor above and started ventilation operations.

A report that a citizen had left their apartment and left food on the stove on 15. Two members from Squad 27 went up to 15 and met up with two member from 25 who cleared the apartment.

Box Alarm: E-17, E-29, E-8, E-42, Tk-5, Tk-26, Sq-27

Task Force: E-38, E-25, Tk-2

Command: Battalion Chief 3 A Captain M. White