Rochester Firefighters Respond to Crash


Rochester firefighters responded after a pick-up truck crashed through an apartment building following a short police pursuit Thursday, Oct. 14.

Just before 2 a.m., Engine 17, Quint 6/Midi 6 and Battalion 11 were dispatched to vehicle crashed into a house at 165 Joseph Avenue.

The assignment was upgraded when police reported smoke on the second floor.

They officers encountered seven people who were cut off from exiting the structure because of the damage on the first floor. Engine 16, Rescue 11, the Protectives and several chief officers were dispatched as well as Truck 10.

Officers had the suspect in custody.

Battalion 1 requested Engine 13 and Special Operations 1, the technical rescue equipment unit, to the scene.

Crews helped remove the victims via ladder from the second floor, and no fire was found.

Several units remained on scene to help shore up the structure after the vehicle was removed.

The accident displaced a dozen residents.