Columbus, Ohio Firefighters Battle Garage Fire

On March 31, 2003, Columbus firefighters responded a garage fire on the city's west side just before shift change. There was a detached 2 car garage involved, with some fire and smoke conditions upon arrival. Most garages on that side of town are accessed by alleys that are narrow, which makes it difficult to get the truck company in position.

Companies on the card were E-17,E-12,L-12,R-17,M-17 and Battalions 1 and 5. E-10,M-12 were the RIC team at this incident.

Engine 17 attacked from the C(or #3 ) side through a door, while Rescue 17 forced the overhead garage door on the A (#1) side.

The fire was contained in a relatively short amount of time and is still under investigation. No injuries were reported.