PG’s Southside Arrives with Fire Showing from Three Floors

On Friday, March 28, 2003 at approximately 0430 hours Prince George's Fire Communication received a call reporting an apartment on fire in the 2700 block of Loring Dr.

The first arriving unit Engine 261 advised communication Level one operations. 261 advanced an attack line into side one and down into the terrace apartment to attack the fire.

Squad 27 arrived second and entered the terrace apartment behind 26 to start the search. Squad 27 was directed to the second and third floor to conduct the search.

During the opertion there was a collapse of the third floor.

A Task Force and Second Alarm was called to work the Fire. 87 Personnel worked this fire. There were also several Chiefs on the scene. No firefighter injuries were reported.

Box Alarm: E-26, E-23, E37, E-8, Tk-17, Tk-5, Sq-27, Battalion 3

Task Force: E-38, Quint-21, Sq-22

Second Alarm: E-33, E-20, E-45, E-9, Tk-25, Tk-2, Sq-13, WS30, MSU-1, ECU-47