Explosion Levels Home in South Huntington, New York

On May, 19, 2005 a quiet South Huntington, New York neighborhood was rocked by a loud explosion after a propane tank exploded inside of a home on Sapphire Place.

The 7 a.m. blast caused a major collapse of the home. The house was ripped in half, with severe structural damage.

The explosion was so intense that the chimney broke in two pieces and landed on the garage. In addition, debris went flying out the front and rear of home as propane tank exploded.

Suffolk County police officers from the Second Precinct first responded on the scene, and immediately notified their dispatcher that there was an explosion.

The Huntington Manor Fire Department responded to the scene and quickly started to search for possible trapped victims.

After an extensive search through the debris, no victims recovered. Officials say home was unoccupied at time of incident.