LaGrange, Illinois Firefighters Respond to 3-11 Alarm

LaGrange, IL firefighters battled this 3-11 alarm during an early morning blaze Thursday, May 19, 2005. Firefighters from over 14 Suburban Chicago-land Departments from MABAS Divisions 10, 12 and 20 in a large 2-1/2 story frame home during a heavy thunderstorm.

The first call was received just before 0530 hours for smoke coming from a house for the street directly behind the firehouse.

LaGrange Engine 1112 arrived and found heavy smoke showing from a 2-1/2 story frame house. The alarm was upgraded to a full-still, bringing auto-aid from Brookfield and McCook with an engine and a LaGrange park truck.

Companies attempted an interior attack using multiple handlines in sectors A and C (rear). As the interior attack was initiated, firefighters encountered numerous obstacles; they encountered junk stacked floor to ceiling in every single room of the home with very limited pathways throughout. This was also evident from the crews performing exterior ventilation. As the windows where broken, the items just fell from the windows. Due to the heavy fire load and limited hall space forward progress and penetration of the streams were prevented.

MABAS Box #11-100 was pulled to the box level around 0540 hours.

Additional handlines where stretched as crews still attempted the interior attack. With no progress being made and smoke conditions worsening a 2-11 alarm was sounded at approx 0550 hours.

Crews were ordered out of the structure and defensive operations set-up. Western Springs Truck Company 1719 set up in a parking lot on the Sector B side. Westmont Truck 1839 still enroute was given the assignment upon their arrival to set-up in Sector A and standby for exposure protection to another large 2-1/2 story frame on the Sector D side. Numerous 2-1/2