MD Bravest Perform Live Burn Training

Volunteer Firefighters from Glenn Dale, Marlboro, and Seat Pleasant teamed up to conduct a successful 2 day live burn exercise.

Using a donated Ranch style home on Rt 193 in Glenn Dale, Firefighters were able to create a two day program, with live fire applications in numerous scenarios.

The house, constructed in 1953, was built of concrete block walls inside and out, with stucco interior finish.

This construction provided a very stable structure, as well as one that held the heat.

Approximately 35 participants were involved in one form or another.

Glenn Dale Chief Tony Mcgillin coordinated the event with lead instructors Asst. Chief-operations H.E."Ed" Woods, and Deputy Chief-Services Joe McGillin.

Rehab and refreshments were provided by the Glenn Dale Auxilary.