Hilton, NY Firefighter Rescues Trapped Driver from Burning Car Inside House

The Hilton Volunteer Fire Department responded Thursday morning at 01:10 to a reported car into a house. We have been to this address a few times for the same type of calls before, but this one was different.

While en route our dispatch center gave us an update reporting the driver trapped and the car smoking. Upon arrival, in his personal car, Captain Jeff Mullen reported one person trapped with a car on fire in a house.

Captain Mullen entered the house and worked on removing the unconscious driver as the dining room became involved. Captain Mullen broke a window on the car and dragged the driver out of the car and house as the fire intensified.

After removing the driver and handing him over to an EMT who had arrived also in their personal vehicle, Captain Mullen then turned his attention to the well involved house fire. He declared a working fire as the fire equipment was pulling up on scene.

Chief Mike Lissow arrived and put the incident command system into effect. The fire was under control in 42 minutes. The house sustained extensive damage from both the vehicle and the resulting fire. The driver was transported the hospital were he was treated and released and latter charge with DWI along with other charges.