Five City Firefighters Injured Battling Flames in Hazleton, Pennsylvania

USA - Nick Sedon was with other firefighters inside a smoky upper floor when the ceiling over their heads gave way, burying two under debris they shook off.

Back on the sidewalk across the street, Sedon slumped against the wall of a shop and watched as other firefighters went about the business of snuffing out flames licking across the roof- line of the fourth-floor attic of 98 N. Wyoming St.

"You want some Gatorade or something?" firefighter Robert Nilles asked before hurrying off to retrieve a bottle of the sports drink for Sedon.

Then a man and woman walked by. "Are you OK?" the man asked Sedon. "Yes," he replied.

"God bless you," the woman said before she and her companion walked away, stepping over and around a maze of fire hoses.

Sedon's face was grimy from smoke and ash - the look of a firefighter who'd been on the job from the word go.

He watched as one of the two firefighters buried under debris when the collapse occurred was wheeled away to an ambulance, grinning while holding a compress to his left ear.

That's Mark Swank, Sedon said. He identified the other firefighter caught in the collapse as Joel Mumie. He too emerged shaken up, but otherwise OK.

It was the last of several milestones that firefighters and hundreds of onlookers witnessed as the fire destroyed the four-story, wood-frame structure on the west corner of Wyoming and Hemlock streets.