Calif. Firefighters Rescue Dog From Cliff


CALFIRE Pismo Beach was asked to assist with rescuing a dog from the cliffs in a residential neighborhood in Shell Beach on Sept. 6.

Around 4:30 p.m., CALFIRE Pismo Beach Engine and Rescue 64 were dispatched to Dinosaur Cove Park for a dog over the side, stranded on the cliffs below the park.

It was discovered that the dog, "Tug" was 70 feet over the side, slightly injured and needing rescue.

Firefighter Colby Mina was lowered on a rope system to bring Tug back topside.

The crew of Rescue 21, with additional personnel and ropes were asked to respond and assist.

Less than an hour after the call came in, Tug was brought back to safety, and to the waiting arms of his owners.

A small crowd cheered as he was brought to the surface. He was taken to a local vet for further treatment, but looks like he'll be fine.