Washington County Emergency Crews Respond to Crash with Hazmat in Fairplay, Maryland

On May 9th, crews from Fairplay Fire Co. 12, along with Boonsboro Rescue Squad 69, and Medic 19, out of Sharpsburg, were alerted for a vehicle collision at the intersection of Sharpsburg pike and Spielman Road around 9:39 am.

Washington County 9-1-1 dispatch became flooded with multiple calls reporting a serious accident at that location. Chief Leonard Heller of Fairplay Co. 12 was first on scene at the incident.

Chief Heller arrived to find a three-vehicle accident involving a small utility type van, a septic tanker truck, and a dump truck. Chief Heller immediately reported his finding to dispatch and command was placed into effect.

After further assessment of the scene, it was found that the driver of the septic tanker truck was confined in the vehicle and the truck was filled with 500 gallons of sewage and was leaking.

Command reported this to dispatch and requested Washington County Special Operations 20 to the scene.

Crews from Sharpsburg EMS, and Rescue Squad 69 worked to free the driver of the tanker truck while other personnel worked to dig a dike in the ravine along the road to help contain the hazmat spillage from the truck until Special Operations arrived.

Command requested Sharpsburg Engine Company 1 to the incident to assist with manpower on the scene.

Crews were able to complete extrication at 10:09 am, at which time EMS crews were able to fully assess the patient.

The Medic Unit from Sharpsburg Company 19 began transport at 10:17 am to Washington County Trauma Center as a priority 2 trauma.

Fairplay and Sharpsburg Fire Crews remained on the scene for almost two hours after extrication of the patient.

Washington County Health Department officials, along with Maryland Department of Environment crews, were requested to the scene due to the nature of the spill.

Washington County Emergency Services Director Joe Krobeth also responded to assist command with any additional resources that may be needed.

Crews were able to clear once all vehicles and hazards were removed. Command was terminated at 11:54 am, and all units were able to begin clearing at that time.