Chicago Firefighters Respond to Suspicious Suitcases


Chicago fire and police responders were called to an explosive threat when someone left two suitcases with a hat hanging on them in the driveway of a Chicago police station on N. California Ave. on August 26.

Once police cordoned off the immediate area, someone took credit for leaving the suitcases and was immediately taken into custody by Chicago Police.

According to the man who claimed to have left the suitcases, there was a chemical bomb inside. Chicago Police called in the bomb-squad, which determined pretty quickly that there was no explosive device but there were, however, unknown chemicals.

Chicago firefighters called in their hazmat unit. Firefighters opened the cases and emptied the contents onto plastic mats, and then loaded them into containment drums and sealed them in.

The entire operation went down slowly and methodically and took over three hours. No one was injured.