New Jersey Firefighters Battle Blaze at Old Army Building


This fire on Aug. 21, 2010 was in an old army building at Camp Evans in Wall Twp., N.J. built during WWII.

When the first engine from Wall Twp. Fire District 2 ( Glendola) arrived they had heavy fire on the second floor. They dumped the 750-gallon tank on the fire from the exterior due to the fact it was a vacant, unstable building.

After the tank was empty they had to wait for two engines from Wall Twp. Fire District 1 to relay them water from about 2000 feet away. Because the hydrants were so far away, the fire tore through the building like a freight train.

The Glendolas assistant chief requested three tankers from Howell Twp. for additional water. There were other buildings nearby so that was the assistant chief's main concern, and the crews were able to protect them.

First-due was Glendola Fire Company District 2 and also responding wereWall Twp. District 1 and 3 as well as Howell Twp.