Ladder 49 Crew Blazes into Baltimore

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If a blaze rages in Baltimore, Chief William Goodwin may well call on John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix for a little help and actually, they may be able to provide it.

The two are the stars of the Touchstone Pictures production of "Ladder 49" which will start filming soon in the city. Phoenix plays a dedicated firefighter caught in the debris of a fiery explosion and while waiting to be rescued, contemplates his life with old friend and chief played by John Travolta.

Both have spent time at the city training academy, "trying to teach them what we do, what we learned when we started out," according to the chief.

Actors 'Slaying the Dragon'

Phoenix actually jumped in with an academy class in December and put in a good deal of time, graduating with the class. For the last couple of weeks he has been working a shift with a west Baltimore truck company.

And Travolta and other actors have joined him with some evolutions at the training center saying, "I