Newport News Firefighters Battle 2 Alarm Hotel Fire

The Newport News Fire Department received the first alarm for the fire at 0207 and the second alarm at 0220 hours.

When firefighters arrived on the scene they found fire showing from one side of this 36 unit efficiency hotel. This building is near two other sections of the hotel which housed 105 residents. There were 17 residents in this particular section of the hotel. Firefighters conducted primary and secondary searches for people who may have been in rooms without the hotel managements knowledge.

A special call for additional apparatus was made. Over 45 personnel were at the scene.

The blaze was not brought under control until 0645 and continued to smoulder into the next morning hours. There were no injuries since some residents woke to the sound of breaking glass and were alerted to the fire. They called 911, woke up several other residents before police arrived and began evauating more people. Fortunately, the police central precinct is just across the street.

There were smoke detectors in some units but not in all units.

Excavating equipment had to be brought in to pull out burning debris since the building was too unstable to perform an interior attack.