Video: FDNY Responds to Five-Alarm Fire: Rookie Firefighter is Now in Critical Condition

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On March 4, 2003, Brooklyn firefighters turned out to a report of a fire in East New York. First due companies transmitted the 10-75 (working fire) due to heavy smoke on arrival but the fire was to be found. Truck companies went to work opening up.

Fire was eventually found in the basement of the footlocker and extended into the cockloft and within a very short time, thru the roof. The building was a row frame, taxpayer on bottom with apartments above. It was 2 stories and aproximately 100x100. That 10-75 went to a 2nd alarm and eventually a 5th alarm.

1 Firefighter was assisted out of the building when he ran out of air. FDNY EMS assisted him with breathing and he was transported to the hospital.