Oregon Firefighters Battle House Fire

Two Portland firefighters were injured as they battled a difficult house fire in a remote home on June 18. Firefighters were challenged by a one-lane road and water issues.

Crews were called to the house fire at 1417 SW Highland Pwky just after 8 a.m. Engines 16, 3, 4, Tualatin Valley Engine 65, Truck 3, and Chiefs 1 and 2 were dispatched. The street is a narrow, twisting street with slopes.

Engine 16 arrived to find smoke from the 2 1/2-story dwelling. Shortly after, fire broke through the roof of the home.

Limited access and water supply issues challenged crews as they arrived. Engines 15 and 27, Rehab 10 and the Deputy Chief were then called to the scene.

Neighbors reported that the residents might still be home. Two cars in the driveway prompted crews to force entry into the home.

One firefighter making a search fell more than 10 feet as the floor gave way. A second firefighter, carrying the hose line, also fell through the floor. Both firefighters were able to make their way to a door on the lower level and self-evacuate the structure. They suffered minor injuries.

It was learned that the residents were on vacation and no one was in the home.

Firefighters continued to attack the fire from outside the structure as a portion of the roof collapsed and fire burned through voids.

The fire caused $1.1 million in damages.