New Jersey Firefighters Respond to Restaurant Fire

At approximately 12:30 AM on Sunday January 26, the Point Pleasant Beach Fire Department was alerted to a possible structure fire at the Southern House Restaurant, a Jersey Shore landmark.

A passing Police Officer noticed smoke in the area and upon investigating, found smoke issuing from the building. Arriving a few minutes later, Engine 4301, Truck 4205 and Chief of the Department A. Jay Fox arrived simultaneously to find the 250 X 150 foot building heavily charged with smoke, but with no visible fire.

Engine 4301 took a position in the parking lot near the front entrance, securing a near-by hydrant. The Engine crew immediately began to stretch a 2.5-inch attack line to the front door. The crew from Truck 4205 split, with members helping with stretching the initial line and force entry, while two other firefighters assumed the OV positions and went to the back of the building. As the Engine crew pushed in, they encountered heavy fire conditions in the kitchen area, while the OV team took windows in the rear and forced entry into the rear doorway, which had fire showing.

Truck 4305 and Engine 4201 arrived on scene and took a position in the rear of the building. The crew from Engine 4201 stretched another 2.5-inch line into the rear dinning room, while Truck 4305