Massachusetts Firefighters Battle Warehouse Fire

Firefighters battled a smoky two-alarm fire in a Fitchburg warehouse on Saturday. The fire, reported just before 3 p.m., involved the Aaron Pallet Corporation.

Fitchburg Engine 1 found heavy smoke inside the one-story, 80-by-200-foot metal clad building when they arrived. When the deputy chief arrived, he struck the working fire on the box. Fitchburg Engines 2 and 4, Tower 3 and Rescue 3 also responded.

One engine hooked into the building’s sprinkler system while another crew stretched a factory hoseline (2 ½-inch hose reduced to 1 ¾-inch hose) into the structure.

A second alarm was called bringing Leominster Engines 3 and 4 and Ladder 1. Leominster Engine 3 dropped 1,200 feet of supply line into the industrial yard.

The fire, which was electrical in origin, started in the B/C corner of the structure and crews had difficulty accessing the fire in the walls. One of the beams became energized during the fire.

Tower 3 and Ladder 1 set their ladders to the roof and crews ascended the aerials to cut four ventilation holes.

Large positive pressure fans were also placed at building entryways to help remove the smoke.

The fire was declared under control in just under two hours.