Memphis Firefighters Battle Fatal Apartment Fire

Around 2105 hours on a cold Friday evening the Memphis Fire Dept received numerous calls stating there was a apartment on fire.

Shortly after the run was put out. Engine 24 reported on the scene with fire showing on the 2nd floor.

A plug was located in front of the small 2 story brick apartment complex. Engine 24 took the plug and laid a "Y'ed" line.

Residents and bystanders stated there was possibly an elderly man trapped up stairs. Heavy fire hampered any rescue attempts to save the victim. There was one fire fatality.

The fire was knocked down within 30 minutes. Heavy heat and smoke damage occurred to several up stairs apartments. Investigations are under way at this time.

Engine 24, 23, 17, Truck 8, Truck 23, Truck 10, Rescue 1, Battalion 5, Battalion 11, Battalion 7, Division 2, Air Truck 1, Rehab 1, all responded to this blaze in East Memphis.