Lawrence Firefighters Battle Two Story Working Building Fire

On January 20, 2003 the City of Lawrence firefighters were dispatched for a possible building fire in the 5500 block of North Post Road at 14:02.

As Ladder 40 exited their bay doors two miles away they reported to Lawrence Communications that they had a visible column of smoke showing from their station.

The first due engine 10 arrived on scene and gave a size up of a working two story building (converted house) with heavy fire venting from three sides of the structure, two exposures, engine 10 had established a water supply via a city hydrant and they were deploying two 1 3/4 attack lines for a offensive interior attack. As these crews and second due engine 30's crews made their way though heavy fire and smoke they were able to make a quick knockdown on the first floor fire in 15 minutes. Car 2, Battalion Chief Lightle made a special request for additional equipment due to the extremely cold weather conditions. The special call included a CLFD Ambulance, Support 100, and a Tactical Air Support unit from the Indianapolis Fire Department.

The second floor and attic fire was quickly knocked down with a additional 1 3/4 hand line of engine 30.

No damage was done to either of the adjourning exposures. Indianapolis Cycle was only five feet for the fire building as was a repair garage directly behind the fire building.

Despite the extreme cold weather and the building being occupied prior to the fire, no injuries or fatalities to civilians or firefighters occurred during this fire.

The fire was placed under control in about 30 minutes by City of Lawrence Battalion Chief Lightle.

The companies remained on scene overhauling and assisting the Fire Investigation team for another hour or so.

1st alarm assignment included: City of Lawrence Engines 10, 30, Tactical Rescue 13, Ladder 40, Medic Ambulance 17 and Batt. Car 2. Automatic mut. aid: Indianapolis Fire Department Engine 2 and Ladder 34.

Special call for: City of Lawrence Support 100, BLS Ambulance 47, and Indianapolis Fire Department TSU 10 (Air unit).