Morningside, Maryland Firefighters Battle Garage Fire

Engine 261 advanced an attack line into the house and was able to knock down a large room in the house and hold the fire in check while crews worked at the knocking the garage from the garage doors on side 1.

The garage was a two bay add on to another two bay garage. Crews had to advance a 2 1/2 Stack Tip into the house, out an adjoining door and attack the original garage.

Squad 27 completed the primary and secondary splitting into two teams. Squad 27 then assisted with getting to the original garage and pulling ceiling and walls.

A/C T. Berneski assumed command directed the attack. Requested an additional Engine and Truck. Very quickly the bulk of the fire was knocked in the front garage, the large room in the house with the original garage still rocking. As soon as the stack tip was advanced to the original garage the fire was knocked.

Division Chief N. Finamore arrived a short time after this, assumed Command and requested a Task Force to stage. The Task Force was not used, and crews were able to pick up.