Four Million Dollar Fire Damages Toronto, Ontario Condo Building

At 3:22 PM, on Thursday, January 13, 2005, when Toronto Fire Service crews responded to a block-long, four-story brick apartment building, flames had engulfed a third-floor apartment and were rapidly spreading upwards into the top floor and roof space.

An interior attack succeeded in knocking down flames on the third floor but the fire had taken hold of the fourth floor and attic and the evacuation tones were sounded.

A ladder pipe had been set up on side 3, two more went into service on side 1 as the fire crossed to that side. Big lines were also deployed and a fourth alarm assignment responded as long relays were required to provide enough water. After an hour, the fire was knocked down, overhauling took well into the night.

Eighteen TFS crews managed to hold the blaze to the top floor and roof area of seven units on each side, less than a third of the length of the building. The complex had just been completed, tenants were to start moving in the following week. Several were doing home inspections and had to be evacuated. The cause of the $4 million incident is under investigation, there were no injuries.