Fire Destroys Historic Pottsville, PA Building

A raging inferno destroyed a historic downtown Pottsville building on January 9, 2003.

In order to reach fire that "was rolling" according to March, firefighters were forced to cut holes in the seilings looking for remaining flames. At 2:30 am. the sound of crashing debris re-ignited the fire as the roof of the flower shop collapsed. Fire hoses quickly drenched the flames from every possible direction until March said the fire was "contained" shortly after 3:00 a.m. this morning. All windows, including frames, were destroyed in an effort to preserve the building.

March said he believes the fire could have been worse, and possibly could have eliminated half of Pottsville's main business area. "Our guys did a heck of a job," he said. "This is a major fire, but it could have been a lot worse." The chief continued by saying because of the building's poor structure, firefighters could not reach the source of the fire.

But first and foremost was the safety of the firefighters. "You can't risk putting people in a building like that," he said. "When you put the big guns on it like that, you hope your hitting the fire."