Firefighters Respond to House Fire Caused by Christmas Tree in Bowie, Maryland

A Sad Reminder

Just after 3:30 this afternoon Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department units responded to 4101 Woodrow Lane in Bowie, Maryland for a reported house fire.

When units arrived they encountered a 2 story wood frame home with heavy fire on both floors. Additional units were called to assist in this blaze which took 35 firefighters 15-20 minutes to extinguish.

There were six family members home when the fire started; 2 adult parents and their 4 children; ages 6 months, 4, 7 and 9 years of age. The fire started when the family Christmas tree was accidentally ignited by a nearby candle.

The fire spread rapidly throughout the house and caused approximately $250,000 in damage to the house and contents. The house was heavily damaged and is unhabitable. The Red Cross is assisting the family with temporary shelter.

The Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department wants to remind all citizens and residents that most holiday decorations, primarily live and/or cut Christmas trees, should be removed immediately from your home.

Citizens and residents are warned that live trees that remain indoors over three weeks become highly combustible and produce an intense, quick spreading fire. This incident today is a sad reminder.

Firefighters work on extinguishing fire on Woodrow Lane.